30 Rock wasn't the only place to see a funny cameo from Will Ferrelllast Thursday. But the other one was a surprise live appearance, as minor league pitcher Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson of the Astros' Triple-A affiliate, the Round Rock Express. No, the actor hasn't changed careers for some Joaquin Phoenix-like stunt. And as far as we know, he has no plans to make a baseball comedy. Really, Ferrell was just promoting a charity golf tournament with a game-stopping skit in which he was called out to the mound only to be quickly ejected due to an altercation with the (real) umpire and a (fake) batter for the Nashville Sounds.

Sporting long gold chains and a Ron Burgandy-like mustache and supplying his own six pack of beer to drink as he pitched, the baseball player was given a full back story. He was born in Texas but raised in Venezuela, and he'd recently served time for illegal reptile smuggling. After being chased around the field by his opponent (played by an exec of the Express' parent company), during which he lost his 'stache, "Rojo" gave a post-game interview in which he said his debut made him feel like he had the strength of ten men.

Should Ferrell develop the character for a feature? He's already brought his comedy to basketball, figure skating, soccer and NASCAR, but it's unlikely he can find much humor in the great American pastime that hasn't already been covered in a ton of other movies, especially Major League, which is what this skit mostly reminded me of. What do you think, would you like to see more "Rojo" Johnson?

Check out the video of Ferrell's minor league appearance after the jump.
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