With talk of a Fright Night remake being tossed around DreamWorks, horror fans have been more than a little intrigued. I certainly approved of Anton Yelchin in the role of a kid who discovers that his next-door neighbor is actually a horrible vampire ... but who would they get to play said vampire? In Tom Holland's 1985 original, it was Chris Sarandon. In Craig Gillespie's remake, it will be Colin Farrell. Not a bad choice! As the Heat Vision blog points, out, Farrell has been doing mainly indie work recently (like Crazy Heart and Ondine), so this looks to be a fun way for the man to make a fresh splash in a Hollywood flick.

Toni Collette has also been added to the cast as the nosey kid's mom (previously played by Dorothy Fielding), which is great because Toni Collette is all sorts of awesome -- but there are still some key roles to be filled: there's the vampire's "familiar" assistant (previously played by Jonathan Stark), the lead kid's sweet girlfriend (played by Amanda Bearse back in '85), and the former movie star turned vampire killer Peter Vincent, who was originally played by the late, great Roddy McDowall.

HV also indicates that the DreamWorks production will be distributed by Disney, which is weird because the original flick was a Columbia (now Sony) release. Going only by the early casting ... I'm actually feeling pretty positive about this particular horror remake. Cautiously optimistic, you'd call it.
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