One remake we've been keeping an eye on here at Horror Squad is Dreamworks' upcoming re-imagining of Tom Holland's cult classic vampire flick Fright Night. The project looked dead in the water for a spell, but has come back to life in the past few months and now it seems like we're getting new details about once a week.

The latest casting news is huge. THR's Heat Vision is reporting that Irish actor Colin Farrell is set to play Jerry, the vampire who moves in next door to teenager Charlie Brewster. Chris Sarandon played the character in the original film and became something of a cult icon in the role. Farrell already has a huge fanbase, but I'm having a hard time picturing him in the part. I'm sure I'll come around. He's a good actor and I'm convinced he can pull it off.

In other casting news, actress Toni Collette has landed the role of Charlie's mother -- who becomes one of the targets of Jerry's attention. Collette seems essentially perfect for the part.

Craig Gillespie will helm the new version, which stars Anton Yelchin. Several roles remain open, including Charlie's love interest (played by Amanda Bearse in the original film) and late night horror host Peter Vincent. Roddy McDowall made that role unforgettable in Tom Holland's 1985 version -- but I have no clue who they might cast in the remake.

Disney will be releasing the new Fright Nightin theaters sometime in 2011. Expect more casting details as they're announced.
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