Almost a year ago, word hit that David Cronenberg was going to dig into Don DeLillo's novel Cosmopolis. Now Variety reports that the iconic Canadian filmmaker has found his stars in Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard. Adapted by Cronenberg, the thriller is "a 24-hour odyssey across Manhattan," where Farrell plays a rich asset manager who loses his wealth in one day.

Should Cronenberg's pen stick to DeLillo's story, however, the film will also bring Farrell back (a bit) to the claustrophobic fold of 2002's Phone Booth. As Eric Packer, he sets off in a stretch limo for a haircut, only to find himself plagued with a meandering day of drama and strangeness. Presidential visits, protests, and a celebrity funeral slow down his trek while he pops in and out of the car on the slow-moving journey. He has lunch with his wife (Cotillard), he sleeps with other women, summons advisers from nearby shops, and even has a medical examination in the limo as he faces financial ruin. Not bad for one 24-hour run.

The mixture of DeLillo's words and Cronenberg's mind should make for a fun, and certainly apt ride in these financial times. But, alas, we will have a bit of a wait. The director starts filming A Dangerous Method in Germany this month, so production on Cosmopolis won't begin until 2011, shooting in Toronto and New York from March to May.
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