While a good chunk of our team was caught up in covering the Tribeca Film Festival, I was holding down the fort much farther down on the Eastern Seaboard at the 19th annual Florida Film Festival. I saw almost twice as much as I did last year -- thirty features in total, along with the sight of Emma Stone eating fried chicken like normal people do -- so read on to see how many local, regional and world premieres were ultimately worthwhile.

Cleanflix -- Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi's documentary concerns itself with the band of Mormon video shop owners who made a killing with edited copies of R-rated films until Hollywood came a-knockin', and it offers a thorough look at the religious and artistic arguments made on either side of the fight before focusing on one specific owner's misdeeds that took place off-camera and prove all too ironic in context. (For more, you can read Scott's Toronto review.)
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