There's a long list of possible reasons why any particular low-budget genre film might not get "hit it big" with widespread distribution and popularity. For every Paranormal Activity, there's a few dozen The Brokens and Red White and Blues. Sometimes a movie might be too cerebral or too grim. Other times simple dumb luck is to blame. It's tough out there for an indie flick.

I suspect that the nifty little British horror movie The Possession of David O'Reilly may have fallen victim to a bout of bad luck. Now granted, the news isn't all bad: the movie was recently picked up stateside by IFC Films, which almost immediately sent it to its Video-on-Demand channel, where it is currently available. But I wonder if it might not have done better for itself if it didn't bear a strong (albeit superficial) resemblance to Paranormal Activity (despite having been conceived years ago and shot well before that film hit it big): a mostly invisible menace haunts a young couple and their friend in the couple's apartment over the span of a couple of nights.
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