Today's Scenes (Songs) We Love is dedicated to the innocence (or stupidity, depending on your point of view) of children. Because at the tender age of nine, I had no idea what Shalamar was singing about in their classic dance tune, Dancing in The Sheets. I just knew that I loved Footloose and this song, so this little girl was dancing and singing along to lyrics that were maybe a little inappropriate for a minor.

Shalamar was the creation of Soul Train's booking agent Dick Griffey and was formed in 1975. By 1984, the band had undergone some personnel changes, and after some commercial disappointments, they returned to the Top 20 with their contribution to the dance flick. The group also had some success (including a Grammy win) with their contribution to Beverly Hills Cop, Don't Get Stopped in Beverly Hills in 1986, but after two disappointing albums, the band faded into obscurity in the early 90's.

was the quintessential 80's dance flick, and centered on a small town that had outlawed rock music and dancing (thanks to some drunken yahoos with poor driving skills). That is until a plucky youngster (played by Kevin Bacon) shows up to organize a school prom and romance the preacher's daughter (Lori Singer). The movie and the soundtrack were both big hits and Sheets is just one of the many great tracks. So even though I like Kenny Loggins as much as the next girl (if the next girl has a terminal 80s fetish), Shalamar's ode to getting it on remains my favorite. Especially now that that I'm a little older and wiser, and I've learned exactly what Dancing in the Sheets entails.

After the jump; for a town that doesn't allow dancing, their citizens are awfully good at it...
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