"What I do is create images, period."
-- Frank Frazetta, 1928-2010.

Frank Frazetta has one single credit as a film maker -- the 1983 animated fantasy Fire and Ice, which he produced and conceptualized, in a partnership with temperamental animation director Ralph Bakshi. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on Frazetta's art, though I do admire it, and I won't sing post-humous praises to a mediocre movie like Fire and Ice, just because a legendary, influential talent like Frazetta is no longer with us.

I will, however, sing the praises of his poster for Fire and Ice. It's unmistakably Frazetta -- all rippling muscles, dark creatures, and a barely clothed damsel, all posed with urgency. I'd recommend the Fire and Ice DVD for Painting with Fire, the feature-length documentary on Frazetta that accompanies the Bakshi film, over the film itself. Frazetta, truly a one of a kind artist, will be missed.

You can see the poster in full after the jump.

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