When I chose Cube 2: Hypercube for last weekend's Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club I did so first and foremost because I actually do legitimately enjoy the film. And after re-watching it for the third or fourth time this past weekend, I still think it's a worthy successor to Vincenzo Natali's original film, that it has some really strong ideas in it and that it's wonderfully well made considering both its budget and its target, straight-to-video market. However, beyond enjoying Andrezej Sekula's film, I'm also fascinated by what didn't end up on screen.

In my years writing about film I've become an ad hoc defender of lower budgeted, straight-to-video titles mainly because I think they often fail to get a fair shake. I think a lot of people assume that films like Cube 2: Hypercube are just slapped together to make a buck - and that may very well be the case most of the time, but their mercenary parentage doesn't preclude them from having strong creative intentions. So over the weekend I reached out to Cube 2 screenwriter Sean Hood asking if he would humor me by answering a few questions. He did more than humor me.

See, Hood not only answered my questions, but he provided me with his original (and largely abandoned) script for Cube 2 as well as an armful of his personal production illustrations intended to convey some of the concepts his script contained. Many of these elements either never made it into the Sekula's film or were visualized differently (I'm pretty bummed his depiction of a "Cubist Sex Scene" didn't make it in), but fortunately for us we can now get a glimpse of the film that never was. I've assembled all the concept art into the below gallery, you can find Hood's original draft of the script right here.

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