This time last week barely anyone knew that the film Super 8 even existed. Drew McWeeny at HitFix had just unveiled that a teaser trailer for the secret JJ Abrams-directed film would be attached to all prints of Iron Man 2 on opening day. Naturally this sent the Internet into a frenzy of speculation as to what the film was about; whether it was Cloverfield 2 or the untitled collaboration between Abrams and Steven Spielberg. And of course, once Iron Man 2 started to light up the silver screen, bootleg copies of the Super 8 trailer started to light up YouTube before been promptly removed by Paramount.

Well now you, dear Internet user who has yet to see IM2 in theaters, no longer have to squint to get a decent look at the mysterious trailer. Paramount has gone ahead and given Apple the online premiere of the trailer, which means you can now bask in its HD glory at the official trailer page.