As the star of Entourage for the last six years, Adrian Grenier's life contends with paparazzi both on and off the screen. That mass of insistent cameras is everyday fare that comes with the territory. But one day a few years ago, he was blinded by the rapid-fire explosion of one specific camera flash. At the firing end wasn't some older pap eager for a prime picture worth thousands, it was a little blonde kid. And he wasn't a fan; he was part of the paparazzi.

Intrigued, Grenier hunted down 13-year-old Austin Visschedyk and turned the cameras on him for a two-punch documentary called Teenage Paparazzo. Detailing the life of a teen who roams the Los Angeles streets day and night to capture celebrity pictures, and the business of paparazzi photography and tabloid journalism, Grenier tackles a thematic double bill that is an entertaining -- if occasionally glossy and over-stretched -- account of the culture of fame.
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