Once upon a time, Brad Pitt and Darren Aronofsky were lined up to do The Fountain together. Pitt dropped out, the project fell apart, and there have always been rumors of hurt feelings. (Aronofsky even told Wired that the appeal of being an independent filmmaker was not having to write guys like Pitt.) They were set to do The Fighter together until both abandoned it, and were replaced. But if there was ever really a hatchet, it's been buried, because Variety reports that Pitt and Aronofsky are teaming up for The Tiger.

Based on John Vaillant's upcoming non-fiction book, The Tiger takes place on the inhospitable steppes of Siberia, where human settlement has eaten away at tiger habitat. As is often the case, one hungry tiger begins hunting the humans with "an almost supernatural power." One conservation warden (the role being eyed by Pitt) takes the unpleasant job of hunting down the animal. Only one of them will survive the fight.

It sounds a little bit like The Ghost and the Darkness, but that's not a bad thing. It fits with Aronofsky's oeuvre more than the Jackie Kennedy biopic he's attached to. I can see this becoming a claustrophobic tale of obsession and conquest. The script is being penned by Guillermo Arriaga, who already lured Pitt into Babel, so this could be quite a film. Let's hope Pitt and Aronofsky hold strong, and hunt this film all the way to the theaters.
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