Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's 2006 "zom-rom-com" 'Shaun of the Dead' is about the efforts of the eponymous Shaun to rescue his girlfriend (and their failed relationship) amid the chaos of a zombie outbreak in North London. Its perfect use of the quiet suburbs shows a side of London rarely seen in the movies, with Sean's thirtysomething slacker life quietly revolving around the sofa, work, the local grocery store and the pub.

Arguably, it's the pub that's the most important location in 'Shaun of the Dead,' with the imposing Winchester Arms serving as Shaun (Pegg) and best friend Ed's (Nick Frost) shelter from life, responsibility and, ultimately, zombies. Known in real life as The Duke of Albany, the pub sadly is no longer with us, having been knocked down and turned into an apartment block shortly after filming finished.
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