The last word we got about Paramount's Footloose remake was that Craig Brewer would be taking up the reins as director while Chace Crawford had dropped out as the film's lead, pushing the release date back from this summer to who knows when.

But this isn't stopping 52 different filmmakers from collaborating on their very own remake, one that will be out this summer. "Our Footloose Remake" sees the film remade scene by scene by fans from all across North America, and it'll have its prom-themed premiere on July 1st in Los Angeles before making its way across Canada and the U.S. and eventually being made available online -- for free.

It's curious to see fan-made novelties like this, one-man First Blood remake Flooding with Love for the Kid, and the legendary Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation break out beyond YouTube (Be Kind Rewind was right!). Now I'm especially curious to see how this Footloose remake plays up against the studio's own replacement -- a Grease sing-along release.
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