I find it kind of amazing that with a film catalog that's over 200 films deep and 75 years old, Hammer Films has yet to make a film in 3D. I would have assumed that the British studio known for producing low(er) budget horror films would have tried to capitalize on the technique during one cycle or another of its popularity, but it appears that isn't the case. Now that 3D is all the rage again, however, and that Hammer Films has emerged from their production hibernation, it looks like they will jump on the bandwagon with everyone else.

Their adaptation of Susan Hill's novel The Woman in Black will be arriving in 3D. When it's expect to arrive is anyone's guess, but we do know a few solids at this point. Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, the upcoming X-Men: First Class) is adapting the screenplay about a lawyer who begins glimpsing a woman dressed all in black whilst he spends time in a clients house to sort through their estate for director James Watkins (Eden Lake). The film already has distribution in a number of markets overseas and up North, though it looks like Hammer and Alliance Films are currently looking for a US distributor at the Cannes Film Market (hence this 3D announcement).

I really could care less about seeing this in 3D, but I do remain excited for the film based solely on Watkins' involvement. Eden Lake was one of the most chilling horror movies of 2008 for me - there are character deaths in that movie that still get to me - so I'm sold on Watkins no matter what dimension his films are presented in.

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