Energy drinks are generally pretty vile. Despite this, when I worked an overnight shift at a printing place I subsisted primarily on two extra large cans of Mountain Dew Amp Energy Drink, and that was only because the gimmicky Vamp, which I first saw at a gothic vampire store in Bourbon Street (don't ask), was not sold in the area. Since I quit that job to waste three years in graduate school, my caffeine provider of choice has been coffee; however, the lack of bright green coloring found in Amp and the absence of a horror basis prevents me from enjoying my scalding hot java every morning to its fullest potential. Thank God for Zombie Blood.

In what could be the only premise for a zombie movie that has never been attempted, Harcos Laboratories has developed what can only be considered the coolest energy drink known to man. Served in the type of blood pouches you might see in a hospital, zombie blood is an iridescent green liquid manufactured directly from the blood of zombies. From their website:
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