The Babyslitter. Why has no one used that title yet?! It's glorious. It's suggestive and prurient, one of those titles that you find only on VHS in 1983, one that draws you in as you roam the isles of your local Movies To Go. It just screams exploitation. It's cute, yes, but tells you exactly what you're in for.

This one comes from Melbourne, Australia, and is slickly produced brainchild of Glenn Triggs. Glenn's been at it for a few years now with Dark Epic Productions. In The Babyslitter, a young girl responds to an ad for a job out in the Dark Hills. Guess what happens! Yes, it's one of the classic horror tropes. You can fill in the rest. While there's nothing new here, this one hits most of the notes that it needs to. It takes its time in building up the quiet dread, much like recent darling, House of the Devil, then ups the ante with mysterious bits of weirdness. At 12 minutes long, it's a quick bit of babysitter butchery and worth a watch.

As a side note, most of my knowledge base comes from life lessons culled from horror movies. The lesson here? Crazy people hate babysitters. The death rate there is higher than loggers or arctic crab fishermen. Why can't nut-jobs with butcher knives go after people who really deserve it, like telemarketers or the old bitch at the convenience store who scowls at me when all I want to do is buy a damn pack of cigarettes?!

Ahem . . .

For more antediluvian scares, check out Dark Epic. Glenn has a feature film, Cinemaphobia, that I hope to be writing up in this space soon.

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