Could Jennifer Aniston's two new projects finally give the actress the opportunities she needs to remind us that, given material that doesn't suck, she can still be funny? Some might think she hasn't been all that funny since she donned flair in Office Space or lucked out with The Break-Up because of her chemistry with now-ex VInce Vaughn, but I'll argue otherwise and hope that roles in Wanderlustand Horrible Bosses prove me otherwise.

In Wanderlust, the woman who launched countless "Rachel" haircut imitators in the '90s will be costarring with Paul Rudd as a big city couple looking to shake up their lives and end up living on a commune. Okay, so this might seem like old hat, but with David Wain and Ken Marino behind the script and Wain directing, this has a good chance to be really funny. Rudd, Wain, and Marino came up with a hilarious screenplay in Role Models, the ludicrous comedy starring Rudd and Seann William Scott as the worst Big Brothers ever, which Wain also directed. Wanderlust will also be produced by Judd Apatow, the man with the golden comedy touch.
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