It seemed like a run-off between Jonah Hex and The Adjustment Bureau to be the summer movie making the latest possible first impression. We got our glimpse of that supernatural western action-adventure with A Nightmare on Elm Street, and now that Bureau has bumped back to September from July, we get a trailer with Robin Hood that shows off a movie that looks -- dare I say -- too mature to compete with the bombastic blockbusters.

Matt Damon plays a would-be New York senator whose chance meeting with ballerina Emily Blunt results in a visit for some very well-dressed men who insist that the forces of Fate must keep them apart. Naturally, love at first sight being what it is, Damon and Blunt are soon dashing through the streets of NYC and dodging the mystery men in their attempt to defy whatever master plan is meant to unfold.

Judging from just these two minutes, George Nolfi's adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story reminded me of everything from Dark City to The Forgotten to The Box. Let us hope that Fate delivers a film more like that first one than either of the other two.

The Adjustment Bureau opens on September 17th, and you can check out the trailer after the jump.