More behind-the-scenes goodies with this week's movie club picks:

Peter Hall offers a little something extra with his SciFi Squad pick Cube 2: Hypercube -- a chat with screenwriter Sean Hood. Hood offers up a little Q&A, concept art for the film, and the original draft script. That's pretty notable since, as Hood shares: "Virtually every word of my script was tossed. Some of the basic characterizations were kept... along with the concept of the cube as a 4-D hypercube."

Hall also cooked up some discussion for his Horror Squad pick: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. Written and directed by Don Coscarelli (of Bubba Ho-Tep fame), Hall writes: "As a straight-forward narrative, this is just a familiar yarn about a damsel in distress (Bree Turner) in the mountains who fights back against the freak of nature (John DeSantis) who has kidnapped her. However, the heavy and consistent use of flashbacks is what really makes it work beyond that simple set up."

Moviefone, meanwhile, has dug into the Robert Downey Jr. wonder of Iron Man 2. For this latest discussion, our EIC Erik Davis joins the mix as they chat about the mixed reviews for #2, how Scarlett Johansson fared as Black Widow, the Stark/Potts romance, and more goodies.

Finally, I dug into the Diablo Cody/Ellen Page wonder that is Juno. Considering the film's naysayers: "I sometimes wonder: is the chatter really that bad? Why does it hit audiences so much harder than classic flicks that create their own speak (Heathers, Clueless)?"

Stay tuned Friday for discussion of Bill Condon's Gods and Monsters here at Cinematical and hit the Squads to follow along with their movie picks.
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