Forget the scruffy Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner, prince of thieves. When it comes to Robin Hoods, my fave renegade archer is Robin of Loxley, the dashing blond jokester at the center of Mel Brooks' 1993 comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights. His weapon of choice: A well-timed one-liner, backed up by plenty of arrow-shooting and swashbuckling. His sidekick of choice: Dave Chappelle. And he doesn't like to wear pants! Yes, this Robin is my kind of hero.

In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Robin of Loxley (Cary Elwes) returns to England during the Crusades to find Prince John (Richard Lewis) usurping King Richard's throne. With the loyal Ahchoo (Chappelle) and his blind servant Blinkin (Mark Blankfield) at his side, Robin teams up with Little John and the Merry Men on a quest to defeat Prince John and the evil Sheriff of Rottingham (Roger Rees) and unlock Maid Marian's (Amy Yasbeck) chastity belt.