George Romero's latest zombie epic, Survival of the Dead, is currently available via VOD services and is prepping for a limited theatrical run starting May 28th. That hasn't stopped the filmmaker from pontificating on future projects involving the walking dead, though.

Romero tells Bloody-Disgusting that he has plans to film two more Dead films, back-to-back, with each one focusing on a minor character from Diary of the Dead. He also indicates that this would wrap up his Dead films once and for all -- after forty plus years as the reigning king of zombie cinema.

The news is bittersweet to this Romero fan. I've yet to see Survival, but Diary was pretty dire and seemed to indicate that maybe Romero needed a change of subject matter. On the other hand, a new Romero zombie film is still cause for excitement and it seems almost sad that we won't have that anymore.

The real downer here is that he's basing the next two films on characters from Diary of the Dead -- arguably his weakest zombie effort of all. I always wanted Romero to return to visit characters from previous films, but more like Dawn or Day -- not characters from a film I didn't care much about in the first place.

What do you think? Ready for two more trips to Romero's version of Zombieland or have you had enough of his brand of the living dead? Share your thoughts below.
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