Talk about a bit of bad timing. In April, Sharlto Copley, rising star from District 9 and the upcoming The A-Team, zeroed in on a mentor gig in the new alien franchise I Am Number Four. Just a few months later, Variety reports that Copley has had to drop out of the production due to a scheduling snafu. It seems that production interferes with his upcoming press obligations for A-Team, so he had to bow out. Press obligations?

That's the official story, though Film Drunk swears there was a battle behind the scenes, and nothing like you'd imagine. According to them, Copley left because he really wanted to go Spock for the feature and wear a prosthetic nose and fake ears, though DJ Caruso told him the alien had to look human because it had to blend in with our society.

One would think Copley would've understood the premise of the movie before signing onto it, but maybe he just chose to ignore the no-cool-costume aspect of the film. True? False? Who knows... guess we'll have to wait for those A-Team junkets. Meanwhile ...
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