Results are in for the first round of Cinematical's Best Summer Movie of All Time Tournament (to the Death!) and it looks like this is going to be grueling 10-week process for fans. Ripleys are shooting young Anakin Skywalkers, Great Whites are chomping down on cops from Beverely Hills, and the Autobots have already been plundered by a one Captain Jack Sparrow. It's mayhem, I tells ya!

Before we move onto round two though, I do want to re-iterate how the 64 films for this tournament were decided as there seems to be some debate as to whether or not some of these are indeed Summer Movies. The 64 films selected are not necessarily our personal favorites or what we think embodies the spirit of the Summer Movie, rather they were chosen by a statistical process of Erik Childress' devising that combined A) the highest grossing summer releases since '75 with B) the highest ranked films on IMDb. So while I agree a film like Blade Runner doesn't exactly scream Summer Movie at first, by our formula, it is indeed one of the best summer movies of all time (though obviously not everyone agrees since Gladiator chopped its head off in round one).

Check out last week's winners -- as well as the full bracket -- by clicking the image below.

Onto the polls!

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