Jon and Al Kaplan, the guys who brought you the hilarious Silence! The Musical (based on Silence of the Lambs) and 24: Season Two: The Musical are at it again. They've posted a YouTube video of their soon to be hit track, The Mountains of Mars, from a project they're calling Total Recall: The Musical.

The hilarious song features an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundalike (he actually reminds me of Kermit the Frog too) crooning a tune about the boring and repetitive nature of his life on Earth and how that all changes once he heads to Mars. If you ever wondered what a musical featuring the current governor of California would sound like, your curiosity will be satisfied by the time the clip ends.

Classic lyrics abound in this unforgettable song of lament and eventual self-discovery. "The brunette on the mountain, I can still see her face. It's as if she's a memory, that's been long since erased," is just one of the many choice lines in the video. It's not just the lyrics, though -- the Kaplans have placed their catchy tune on top of a video featuring scenes from the film that go perfectly with the song.

The only disappointment here? There's no mention of Benny or Kuato. I hope they'll turn up in their own songs if the brothers ever get around to turning this into a full-fledged musical production. Now get your ass to Mars and watch the clip after the jump.