Oh, just admit it: Every time you watch Empire Strikes Backand get to that scene where Chewbacca is running around with a broken C-3PO strapped to his back, you kinda turn to the person next to you and say, "Wouldn't that make for a really cool backpack?" And even if you've never thought of it until right this very second, I just know you've sped up your reading of this post in order to get to the spot where I provide a link to the place where you can purchase such a backpack ... because, yes, it finally exists!

When it comes to ridiculously geeky things like this, there's really only a handful of wackos out there who would actually put out enough money to produce such a product ... and I'd say, oh, about 100% of them work over at ThinkGeek. They answered our bizarre Star Wars-lovin' prayers once before by creating an actual Tauntaun sleeping bag (complete with fake inside guts for you to cozy up next to at night), and now they're going even further by creating this nifty C-3PO backpack that features flickering eyes, a zippered storage pocket in his torso and the added bonus of easily being the coolest thing to wear around at the next Comic-Con convention. And when you're not using him as a backpack, you can reassemble him into a full size plush doll for those more tender moments when you need something to sleep with at night.

Check out images below and a list of the full product features after the jump. (Oh, and you can buy that sucker for $59.99 right over here, though it looks like it's currently out of stock. Bummers.)
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