You can't shake a stake without hitting a new vampire movie these days. Eclipse is on its way (whether we like it or not), the Fright Night remake has found its vampire next door and when it comes to the race for top movie monster, the bloodsuckers have taken the lead. But, like every trend, there is always a downturn, and once the vampire is back in the coffin, what movie monster will take it's place? I know what you're thinking: what about zombies? Well, maybe, but what about werewolves?

If you think back to the '80s, it seemed like the wolves were (pardon the pun) top dog. We had films like American Werewolf in London, The Howling, Silver Bullet, and even Teen Wolf bringing the loup-garou into the pop culture forefront. But things seemed to change in the '90s, and from then on it was all about the vampire. Whether that was down to our blood and sex connection in the age of AIDS, I couldn't say for sure, but once those fangy monsters took hold there wasn't much interest in our furry friends anymore.

But lately the wolves have been making some inroads back to the big (and small) screen -- albeit in a supporting role. In the 2000s there have been a few attempts to use vampires and werewolves as natural enemies (Underworld, The Twilight Saga , and even the new season of HBO's True Blood will feature some tense vamp/were relations). But when it comes to being the star of the show, the wolves just aren't selling like they used to, and even Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro couldn't get audiences interested in the tale of the terminally furry earlier this year. But whatever the reason, the wolves haven't been winning any popularity contests, and I have a few ideas as to why that is.

After the jump; three reasons why I think werewolves are a hard sell....
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