I used to have this boyfriend who would get totally creeped out -- and rightfully so -- when I would randomly quote Silence of the Lamb's Buffalo Bill (played by the awesome Ted Levine) at completely inappropriate times. He'd also cringe when I'd blast Q Lazzarus's Goodbye Horses (it still gets regular iPod rotation!), which always made me giggle. Sketch comedy group, The Greater Good, brought the lulz in their latest video about the man in the woman's suit at the heart of Jonathan Demme's film. Clearly the video shows that although I might find this somewhat endearing, not every woman thinks so.

In the clip, a distraught wife is begging her husband to stop talking like Buffalo Bill. Naturally this leads to countless opportunities for him to recite classic lines from the film in a completely real-world context. Take the infamous "Put the lotion in the basket!" quote; instead of screaming it at a kidnapped woman held hostage in a well, this guy tells his wife he was shouting at a cashier at Bath and Bodyworks because she was messing up his gift basket. That's just one of several humorous moments in the short, which is smart enough to end before running the gag into the ground.

It's not all verbal humor, either -- there are two other moments that are sure to make fans of Silence of the Lambs chuckle. I'm not spoiling them -- you'll have to watch the clip after the jump and spot them for yourself.