In case it wasn't obvious from all the posts around these parts, we here at Sci-Fi Squad love home brew fandom. We're big supporters of people like Kayla Kromer who create beds that can make the Kessel Run in twelve-parsecs or turn toilets into ED-209s. We love all the artwork, be it painting or papercraft, the T-shirts, and the street legal vehicles. But rarely are all these genre tributes considered cute. Admiral Sackbar, however, is just too damned adorable for his own good.

If you've got some ankle biters around and a rainy day afternoon with little else to do, has a quick and simple set of instructions on how to make your own. I am a little disappointed that at no point in the (incredibly easy) process do they mention that you absolutely most yell out "It's a trap!" as soon as it begins to resemble the Rebel strategist.
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