If James Cameron's vision of the future becomes reality, I'm going to be living a technology-free existence in 3-25 years.

SFGate reports that James Cameron zipped off to Seoul, South Korea last week to speak at the Seoul Digital Forum. In his speech, he said that 3D would replace 2D as the standard in less than 25 years, and he wasn't referring only to cinema, but also to sports and music shows on TVs and laptops. He's, of course, the guy to talk to because Avatar made so much money and was not "just a fad but a revolution." I'm not so sure that I agree, but Cameron says: "Quite simply, where they had a choice, the audience was selecting for the best possible way to see the movie. And they saw 3D as the premium viewing experience." One must assume that he's referring to all of the recent 3D choices, and not just Avatar, since the latter came with the widespread message of see it in 3D or don't bother.

Cameron notes that the big hurdle right now is the content gap: "If you play all the 3D movies in existence on your fancy new 3D TV, it will keep you entertained for about 3 days." SFGate writes: "Cameron also said he intends to personally dedicate himself to helping the industry adopt 3D without creating a consumer backlash." This opinion of upping 3D content is an interesting counterpoint to the director's recent comments about the rush to 3D. He said: "The problem is these decisions should be made by filmmakers, they shouldn't be made by studios, because if it was up to studios they're going to sacrifice quality for lower cost."