First there was Dawn of the Dead, then came Shaun of the Dead, so it seemed like only a matter of time before some enterprising filmmaker gifted us all with Juan of the Dead -- and it's finally happened. The guys over at Quiet Earth scored early details on a new Cuban-Spanish-Mexican co-production set on Fidel's island during a zombie outbreak.

The title is set to start shooting this September and has a budget of 1.3 million Euros -- which means we can expect something fairly low-budget, but that doesn't mean it won't be entertaining.

Here's a translated plot synopsis for the film. "Juan is a typical forty year old slacker. One day Havana begins to fill up with zombies. Juan decides that the best way to cope with it is to prosper. "Juan of the dead, killed their loved ones" is his slogan, and his mission is to help people get rid of those infected around them ... for a price. But the situation gets worse -- while everyone is escaping to sea as a means to get away, Juan is left with no choice but to become a hero, staying to defend his country and protect his own on an island that has turned into a real bloodbath."

With Dawn, Shaun, and Juan now taken, what could the next Dead movie to rhyme possibly be? I'm calling dibs on Prawn of the Dead -- which will either be a terrifying tale of seafood come back to life to feast on human brains, or a zombie re-imagining of District 9. Don't be stealing my idea! Share your own ideas below.
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