A classic Shakespeare story and a vibrant sun-kissed Italian countryside provide a picturesque backdrop to the sweet romantic confection 'Letters to Juliet.'

The movie stars the ubiquitous Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, a fact-checker at the New Yorker who yearns for something greater in life. While on an Italian getaway in Verona with her fiancé (Gael García Bernal), Sophie stumbles upon a 50-year-old letter of unrequited love addressed to Shakespeare's titular star-crossed heroine. The letter is one of thousands asking advice, which are answered by "the secretaries of Juliet." This misplaced missive prompts Sophie to get in touch with the writer, Claire, now a widow (Vanessa Redgrave). Sophie, Claire and Claire's irritating yet irresistible grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) embark on a sun-kissed adventure under the Tuscan sun to reunite Claire with her long-lost Italian amore.

Directed by Gary Winick from a script by Jose Rivera and Tim Sullivan, a major selling point of the movie's cross-generational appeal fall firmly on the shoulders of Oscar-winning actress Redgrave and those gorgeous Italian vistas.

But did the critics find 'Letters to Juliet' bello, or brutto? Read what they had to say:
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