Fans of Oscar-winning, history-based bloodbaths were thrilled last week when Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan was finally released on Blu-ray. At last! Every detail of the visceral dismemberments would be clearly discernible to the naked eye, the "thunk" of each bullet as its enters the flesh vividly audible for fans to enjoy again and again. But now, barely a week later, this delightful story has turned somber, as the Blu-ray is being recalled by the manufacturer -- not "recalled" the way the old man at the cemetery recalls that fateful day at Omaha Beach, but "recalled" the way that Paramount says, whoops, the disc is screwed up, send it back.

As reported by our pal Moises Chiullan at Hollywood Elsewhere, there's an issue with the audio synchronization. You're watching the movie, and you notice that, for example, the sickening sound of limbs snapping as a bomb separates them from their owners is being heard slightly ahead of the nightmarish image that accompanies it. This is annoying. Evidently it persists, and evidently it's the disc, not your Blu-ray player.

To their credit, the folks at Paramount have moved quickly, in an operation we're calling Saving Saving Private Ryan. If you've already got one of the faulty discs in your possession -- and ALL the discs out there right now are faulty, whether you realize it or not -- you can return it to the retailer, or call a toll-free number to arrange to have a replacement sent. In the U.S. and Canada, it's 888-370-8621. In the U.K., it's 08000-852-613. Retailers should have the corrected version pretty fast, too -- by next Tuesday, May 18. The fixed copy will have a yellow UPC label, so you can tell it apart from any stray faulty ones still floating around.