By 1985, giallo-mania was basically over in Italy. Filmmakers had seemingly given up on black-gloved killers in favor of gorier offerings involving zombies, cannibals and supernatural elements. Apparently, no one bothered to share this news with Camillo Teti -- because he chose that year to release his sleazy (on paper anyway) and incredibly boring giallo, The Murderer Is Still with Us. Giallo fans have talked about the film for years, citing it alongside Giallo in Venice and Fulci's New York Ripper as the grimiest films the subgenre has to offer. Teti's film does certainly have a few disturbing moments, but none of them -- nor a character who looks like a life-sized troll doll -- are enough to save this title from a one way trip to dullsville.

Murderer takes its influence from a real-life killer. Florence, Italy was the site of 16 murders that took place between 1968 and 1985. The killer -- known by the moniker of The Monster of Florence aka Il Mostro -- was discovered to be not one, but three men: Pietro Pacciani, Mario Vanni and Giancarlo Lotti. Pacciani was later cleared of all charges, but when Murderer was released the case was still unsolved, which is probably the most tasteless aspect of the film. That is, unless you're more offended by sitting through eighty-three minutes of banal dialogue, big hair and bad characters.
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