Planet of the Vampires, directed by Mario Bava, 1965

Synopsis: A group of astronauts discover an unseen alien life form that causes insanity, forces its carriers to kill each other, then resurrects their dead bodies.

My Thoughts: Boring. Awesome to look at, but boring. The plot is confusing and slow-paced -- a deadly combination that almost put me to sleep right on the couch. Brian Salisbury watched it with me, and at some point he mentioned that the film is considered an influence on Ridley Scott's Alien. Once we got to part of the film where the crew discovered a giant alien astronaut skeleton in a mysterious spacecraft, dead from an alien that it carried inside of its body, we could see how. That's a pretty direct influence, right there. I'd recommend the movie for its overall vibe and its swinging '60s production design, but not for its entertainment value. It was a chore to watch.

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