I'd say this was 300-400 hours well spent. Some geeked-out father built this three-level At-At bunk bed for his son and his nephews, and I just gotta say that this dude deserves some kind of medal of honor. Like if his son buys him one of those cheesy #1 Dad t-shirts, I kinda think he deserves to wear that sucker with a proud smile taped across his face ... because this, my friends, is a work of art. It's like the Sistine Chapel for a mega Star Wars geek, and, well, this should get you serious bragging rights in the schoolyard. Something tells me this kid has a waiting list for sleepovers that's longer than all six Star Wars credit scrolls combined.

Check out more images below, and a description of how he made it (courtesy of Gizmodo) after the jump.

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