Just looking at the Sam Worthington tag here at Cinematical is a sea of casting news and rumors. If he's not signing on, he's at least rumored to be milling about the project. He's probably the only one who could battle and beat Taylor Lautner for Hollywood Adonis right now, no matter what the masses say. And now he's gearing up to be the next incarnation of Allan Quatermain. THR'sHeat Vision reports that Worthington will star in Quatermain a sci-fi spin on the ol' literary hero that's cooking over at DreamWorks. To top things off -- this flick will also debut his shnazzy new producer talents.

If you don't already know, Allan is the hero of King Solomon's Mines. He was last played on the big screen by Richard Chamberlain in 1985, and was most recently played on TV by Patrick Swayze in 2004. Every star has been over 40, but as DreamWorks heads to space, they're youngin' it up. Instead of exploring Africa, Quatermain is living in a time when humans have vacated the earth, and he returns after "a sojourn in space" to have a King Solomon's Mines-style adventure across the planet.

I'm sorry, Worthington fans, but I just don't get it. He's far from the worst, but as I noted before, he's also far from the most charismatic. I'm all for big, grand, and ridiculous adventures, but can't Hollywood find a lead so damned charming and engaging that we're along for the ride no matter how silly it is?
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