Despite my fanboy approach toward the work of Brad Anderson, I had not seen The Machinist until the other night. As much as I hate to say it, I was not that impressed with it, due in no small part to what I felt was a horribly weak ending. The direction, however, was phenomenal, and since Anderson didn't write it, I'm going to give him a free pass. Lately much of the news surrounding Anderson has been focused on The Vanishing on 7th Street and his upcoming efforts with The Living and the Dead, so you can imagine my excitement at hearing he's been attached to yet another film.

As Variety reports, Anderson is set to begin filming the serial killer flick Jack on August 30th from a script composed by David Venable, who, according to IMDb, has been relatively absent from the film scene since 1999. The film will focus on a serial killer with amnesia who ultimately falls in love with a doctor, and as his memory returns must decide between making a fresh start or embracing the serial killer within.

The film will be made under the auspices of Bold Films' Michel Litvak and David Lancaster, who will produce with Alexandra Milchan and Marc Sternberg. Executive producer duties will go to Bold Films' Gary Michael Walters.

Given the psychological bent of the story, I can think of no better director than Anderson to lend his personal touch. I'm a firm believer that the human condition is more frightening than any other horror villain, so hearing that the man who brought us an incredibly tense and frightening psychological thriller in Session 9 is enough to make me genuinely want to see a serial killer movie.

Special thanks to Arrow in the Head for the heads up, and to Bloody Disgusting for the image.
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