Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is indisputably one of the best science fiction films ever made - I'm not arrogant enough to call anyone who says otherwise stupid, per se, but they are dead wrong - and now you can live inside part of it! The apartment that the blade runner himself, Deckard, lives in is up for sale. Actually it's been on the market for nearly a year now, but the reason it's popping up in RSS news feeds again is because the asking price has been slashed to $7.495 million, which is about half of the $15 million Christie's Great Estates was asking for last June.

Yes, technically the house for sale is not Deckard's actual apartment (that was a set), but just the exterior location that Scott used. Don't let that lessen the value of this film icon, though; not only was the Ennis House a filming location for Blade Runner, but House on Haunted Hill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the show, not the movie), The Thirteenth Floor, and the Rocketeerhave all called the 6,000 square foot mansion home. And if such a rich film history doesn't justify the $7.5mil price tag, maybe the fact that the 85-year old Ennis House was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright should help sweeten the pot.

Not a bad deal, if you've got the money and are asking a sci-fi geek like me for real estate advice...
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