Music Made the Moment explores how a non-instrumental track in a horror film totally made the scene.
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While James Wong's Final Destination may not be the kind of film people suffering from anxiety would want to watch, it is worth watching for those who enjoy ridiculous intricate, gory death scenes, the dynamic writing duo: Glen Morgan and James Wong (X-Files, Millennium), and a campy but fun cameo from fan favorite Tony Todd. What started as an unproduced script for The X-Files has spun off into a successful franchise consisting of four films (a fifth one is coming in 2011), as well as a book and comic series.

You wouldn't expect someone as innocuous as John Denver to play such a pivotal role in a horror film, but his song Rocky Mountain High is the thread that ties the movie's violent death scenes together -- a recurring audio cue signalling that someone is about to suffer an unpleasant ending. The song is both innocent and political in that Denver wrote it after being inspired by a move to Aspen, Colorado (it's actually one of the official state songs) -- but it also makes reference to the commercial tourism market that the singer felt plagued the state. The song boasts lines like, "I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky," which is eerie because Denver died after his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 1997.
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