Nothing else really had a chance in last week's Trailer Park poll, as Inception took about 72% of the votes. I guess you guys are looking forward to that one? Coming way behind in second and third places were Machete and The American.

This week a lot of the best and worst looks at movies have come in the form of scenes and viral videos. The scenes are mainly clips from Cannes selections, such as Doug Liman's Valerie Plame movie, Fair Game, and the new works from Stephen Frears and Mike Leigh (thanks to The Playlist for finding those). And the viral was a staged bit from "behind the scenes" of Knight and Day, which doesn't need linking to, as it pretty much eliminates all appeal that movie still had going for it.

As for new trailers, there are two trends this week. One is that a lot are for films coming out of the Tribeca Film Festival (most of them Sundance leftovers) and the other is, as noted in the title, related to three of the most successful rock bands in history. Actually, the Tribeca-winning Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage fits both trends. And, well, Easy A kinda fits the title, at least, because it stars Emma Stone. Maybe even Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work fits both trends because Rivers has kind of a stoneface. Now I'm wondering if I should have included the trailer for the recently released Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo and wish there had been another new spot for Legend of the Guardians, since it features the voice of Geoffrey Rush. Yeah, that would all have been too much.

My top choice this week is for the Joan Rivers doc, and the reason is simple. I haven't been so intrigued about a documentary subject in a long time. The film looks funny and candid and heartfelt and basically all you could want from a non-fiction film portrait of a famous figure. Check it out, along with my weekly trailer chart and poll, after the jump.