It's not every day that you can imagine your neighborhood as a fighting ground for a slacker dude having to defeat his love's seven evil ex-boyfriends, and a dangerous reunion between George Michael and Ann Veal. One of the most notable aspects about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is that it is absolutely and entirely entrenched in Toronto culture. It's not just set in Toronto, as a could-be-anywhere backdrop city a la American Psycho or Chicago; creator Bryan Lee O'Malley used the trademarks and stores around him to create his Pilgrim, and many of those locales come to life in Edgar Wright's upcoming movie.

If you're a fan of the comics -- and if you haven't read them yet, you'll be a fan as soon as you do -- you have to check out the following. The blog Acts of Minor Treason has published a photo tour of Scott Pilgrim locations, which you can either use to get a feel for the real locations, or better yet, use as a vacation tour now that summer is almost upon us. What's most impressive is that it's not just the obvious places like Sneaky Dees (awesome TexMex!), Casa Loma, and the Toronto Reference Library. The guy even found the house that became Scott and Wallace's apartment. Just ignore the Gilded Palace, number 9. As O'Malley noted on Twitter, it's not real.

I'm waiting for the day bus tours circle the city. If Twi-hards head to Forks to see FAKE locations, there's got to be some fans itching to see real ones, right? Especially when they're a hell of a lot cooler, with deer that are mounted to clocks instead of dinners for vampires and wolves.
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