It's been 23 years since Oliver Stone delivered the first Wall Street and introduced the world to the bad guy most traders these days seem to have taken inspiration from, but it's been a worthy wait. At the Cannes premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleepsone thing is certain: Gordon Gekko is back.

Released from prison 7 years prior to the beginning of our story, Gekko (Michael Douglas) is a changed man. Unable to get back into his old game and estranged from his daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan) he's totally broken, and it's not until long into the film, when his actions change the game, that he's once again familiar to us.

And, in fact, after the brief prologue which appears in the trailer, Gekko doesn't actually arrive on screen until the 30-40 minute mark, though he's teased at, like the shark in Jaws, every so often. Instead the story picks up with Shia LaBeouf's character, Jacob, a promising young trader dating Gekko's daughter whose job is destroyed when the investment bank he works for collapses, along with his boss and longtime mentor Lewis Zabel (Frank Langella).

It's through his relationship with Winnie that Jacob meets Gekko and, much like he did with Bud Fox in the original, he takes the young trader under his wing. Of course nothing's so simple with Gordon Gekko, and so the film begins to twist and turn, especially with the introduction of corrupt fat cat Bretton James (Josh Brolin).
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