Last time we heard anything about Disney's plans to make an updated version of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, it was a call to abandon ship. Director McG was attached to the title, but apparently Disney brass weren't pleased with the direction the film was heading in -- expressing concerns it was "too dark" -- and torpedoed the project.

That seemed like the end of it, but THR's Heat Vision is reporting that the film may have grabbed a life preserver. The House of the Mouse is in negotiations with none other than David Fincher to take over the directing duties with Bourne Ultimatum screenwriter Scott Z. Burns potentially penning the script.

Directing a mainstream Disney film would be quite the departure for Fincher, a filmmaker best known for making movies like Fight Club. However, the director seems to want to expand his career and reportedly approached the company's new production head, Sean Bailey, about the title earlier this winter. Things have begun to heat up rapidly in the past few days with both Fincher and Burns entering negotiations to officially take the reigns of the movie.