I spent most of this morning putting together a timeline (you can watch a movie of it after the break, best viewed in fullscreen) showing some of the highlights of Joaquin Phoenix's life so far, which led me to some unexpected treats. Did you know he wigged out on the red carpet during Walk the Line? Apparently he thought a huge frog was crawling out of his hair. Or that he was rescued for a car wreck by director Werner Herzog? And this was all pre-"completely nuts" Phoenix. Then came the infamous appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, where he appeared to have lost all his marbles. Incoherent at best, the interview was a sham, and felt like a joke. Especially when Phoenix himself nearly cracked up at Dave's final line.

For those of you who might not have been following this apparent career (and sanity) flameout, it got a lot weirder. Here's a summary: October 2008 - Phoenix announces he's retiring from acting, and his brother in law Casey Affleck is present and says it's not a hoax. January 2009 - Affleck and Phoenix announce that a documentary is being made about Phoenix, with Affleck directing. That weekend, Phoenix "performs" for the first time in Las Vegas, falls off the stage, and it's all filmed by Affleck and crew. February 2009, his infamous David Letterman appearance occurs. May 2010, the movie is seen by a group of buyers who find it perplexing, and Casey Affleck is interviewed on ABC and says that the movie isn't a joke.

Oh, but there's more. That film, now titled I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, has been seen by a select few, and you can read on to find out about the worst perpetrated hoax in recent history, right after the break.
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