Best of the New Releases:

In the current climate of vampire mania that seems to be sweeping across pop culture, the Spierig brothers' Daybreakers is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. Featuring vampires that actually drink human blood and have a severe reaction to sunlight, Daybreakers punched through the sap and cheese to feature a cold and calculating vampiric society faced with a food shortage not unlike our own looming energy crisis. That we may soon be facing a similar socioeconomic situation makes Daybreakers hit that much closer to home. But quite frankly, any deeper meanings play second fiddle to the movie's clear-cut, first and foremost mission ... to entertain. It delivers in spades. Daybreakers is just a lot of fun, a good portion of which can be attributed to Willem Dafoe, who is simply wonderful as he so often is. If you haven't seen Daybreakers yet, what better way then in sparkling HD on this feature-packed Blu-ray with a full 7.1 lossless surround mix? See this yesterday.

Also out this week is the Paul Bettany-helmed Legion. I had such high hopes for this film based on the synopsis, and then the trailer came out. The trailer did have a few cool sequences, like the old woman scampering across the ceiling, but ultimately it failed to get me excited for the film. The big sticking point for me was the rubbery look of the demons, exemplified in one particular shot where a demons jaw opened up for a loud scream. For a scene that was surely meant to be striking, I found it to be almost laughable. They reminded me of the vampires in I Am Legend, a film I mostly enjoyed despite the rubber monsters. It's a shame more of these productions don't try to utilize practical effects. That said, I haven't actually seen the film, and the concept did sound pretty awesome, so who knows? Maybe the final film will best my expectations. Fingers crossed.
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