It seems like the window of opportunity to cash in on Napoleon Dynamite mania closed about four years ago (about the same time people stopped wearing "Vote for Pedro" t-shirts) but that's not stopping Fox from developing a new animated series about the lovable loser, according to FishbowlLA.

Jared and Jerusha Hess, the brains behind the cult classic film, are closely involved with the new project. Sources close to the story state that many of the actors from the film will return to lend their voices to the cartoon, including star Jon Heder, Efran Ramirez (Pedro), Aaron Ruell (Kip), and Jon Gries (Uncle Rico). No word on whether or not Tina Majorino will return as Deb. No story details have been revealed, but it seems likely that it would work mainly as a continuation of the film, which followed Napoleon through the hilarious awfulness of his day-to-day existence.

The series is currently in the pilot stage of development, but if Fox picks it up it would seem like a natural fit alongside the rest of their animated Sunday night lineup. FishbowlLA speculates that if the network does give them a shot at prime time, American Dad would likely be the odd show out in a Sunday scheduling scenario -- either canceled or possibly moved to another night.

Had this happened in 2007, I'd probably be more interested. I still laugh at Napoleon Dynamite when I catch it, but I'm not convinced that making it an animated television series in 2010 will recapture that magic. Do you have any interest in this or is Fox just a bunch of "freakin' idiots?"