When we walked on the set of Jonah Hex, only one thing equaled everyone's excitement of seeing Josh Brolin in full make-up, and that was meeting Will Arnett. There's been a lot of raised eyebrows and skepticism online about a comedian like Arnett being in a western hybrid like this. But he blends in perfectly. He has the right look of the 19th century, and his Gob Bluth swagger is perfect for the self-important Lt. Grass.

Arnett was pretty low-key and serious during the interview, causing the more Arnett-experienced among us to speculate whether he was in full Method acting mode. But then he bounced back into our tent to show us a pair of rotten prosthetic teeth he'd be wearing in the movie. "This is my keepsake! No one else will want these!" You can't keep a good comedian down, even if he's all buttoned up and slicked down to fit the 1800s.

You're doing a serious, dramatic role here. No humor. There's humor in the comics, but does that play a role in what you're doing, or not at all?

Will Arnett: Not really. The character I play – he's kind of ... if there's any kind of corporate figure, it would be him. He represents the new U.S. government, the Union, the winning side in the Civil War. He's really kind of an outsider in this environment, and he's been sent from Washington with very clear orders to take care of this job, and to get Hex to do some stuff for him. So he's a pretty humorless guy. If there is any humor, it comes out of the fact that he's pretty humorless.