Horror lovers will be pleased to know that there's another new distribution imprint coming -- one with the goal of bringing new horror from around the globe to DVD and Blu-ray.

Twitch's Todd Brown works for XYZ Films and broke the news yesterday that his employers will be teaming up with Celluloid Dreams to create a new label devoted to dark and disturbing cinema: Celluloid Nightmares. Brown will be Head of Acquisitions for the new label, meaning he'll be able to not only promote great films through Twitch, but will also be able to work on procuring them so they can be seen by audiences who will love them as much as he does.

Celluloid Nightmares has already announced their first two titles: Simon Rumley's Red, White, & Blueand the Colombian thriller Saluda al diablo de mi parte. Brown says he hopes land more movies before the end the film market. The company will also be able to release genre titles from parent distributor Celluloid Dreams' library, including films like Marebito and In My Skin.

The announcement of Celluloid Nightmares comes hot on the heels of IFC's unveiling of IFC Midnight, a label that will release similar kinds of films. There's sure to be competition in the suddenly crowded foreign and underground horror market, but it's the fans who seem poised to win out in the end.
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