Hitting theaters on May 28th is George Romero's sixth ...Dead film, Survival of the Dead (review), so naturally it has been the topic du jour both news sites and horror bloggers alike. I felt the film was mediocre, yet mildly entertaining in its own special way. In short, nothing at all like Diary of the Dead, which was so bad I'm fairly certain I stroked out while watching it. But I digress. To tie in with the release of the newest Romero creation, Romero, along with his partner Peter Grunwald and Artfire Films' Art Spigel and Ara Kats, announced the iPhone and IPod Touch exclusive 'App of the Dead.'

Developed by Additive Interactive, the 'App of the Dead' is one part zombification machine, one part first-person shooter. It allows you to upload or take photos of you and your friends, apply over twenty zombie features (wounds, weapons, and the requisite deformities), and then, in case the cops need a scapegoat for why you shot your friend, a custom-built engine that gives you the opportunity to shoot you newly zombified friends in the head, all with realistic blood splatter. Does your best friend owe you twenty bucks? Girlfriend nagging you to take her out on a date that doesn't involve beer and football? Turn them into zombies and waste 'em.

Mad props to Dread Central for bringing this to our attention and making me consider an iPhone.
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